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I remembered the days when I looking for a driving instructor for my wife. It wasn't an easy experience as I had to go through numerous classified websites (seriously, flipping through useless directories wasn't any fun).

We had to go to the same process again when my wife wanted to find a private sewing tutor. I told myself, there must be a better way and reliable website where we can find all experts we want.

This experience leads me to develop 'Doceo' (latin for 'to teach'). This website is built for people looking for an instructor/tutor. Developed using the Google map technology, each instructors will be categorised by location. Unlike the usual classified website, each tutor will be given a special page to describe what they do, showcase their accreditations and experience.

It's all about helping tutors and instructors to market themselves better. Most importantly, Doceo provides reviewing system, tutors should encourage their students to give them 'stars' as their feedback. Another effective way to get more students as well as allowing students to learn from the best experts!

So what's next?

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